To be a cornerstone of JGU’s intellectual life by creating a vibrant hub that brings people and information together and fosters connections between individuals and ideas.


The Global Library’s mission is to help the students and scholars at JGU achieve their educational and research objectives by providing access to a wide range of information sources and by organizing custom programs and services that will assist them in using the sources effectively. The Global Library team is committed to create a responsive and welcoming environment in both physical and virtual spaces. Through collaboration and partnerships, we strive to be a hub of activities and a catalyst for knowledge exchange and intellectual growth. We are prepared to take the calls for new engagements.


• Working with the JGU community of faculty, scholars, and students to acquire and maintain a comprehensive collection of materials, databases and research tools that support the curriculum and research needs of the University.
• Increasing the use of information resources through the provision of timely research assistance, customized instructional support, and other specialized services.
• Ensuring that the library’s collections and services are accessible and equitable to all members of the community.
• Providing a hospitable and inclusive space (physical and virtual) for the JGU community to gather, discuss, and collaborate.
• Promoting the use of open access and other innovative approaches to the dissemination of research outputs and public goods produced by JGU scholars.
• Promoting the library as an integral part of the JGU community, by fostering partnerships and collaborations with other departments and organizations on campus.
• Supporting the university’s global outreach and partnerships by building relationships with other research libraries and institutions around the world.

Core values:

• We uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct in all our actions and decisions.
• We hold ourselves accountable for the choices we make and the outcomes that result from them.
• We prioritize our users above all else, and our services are designed with the needs of our users in mind.
• We value inclusivity – everyone should have equal access to information and the opportunity to learn.
• We maintain transparency in all our operations, communication, and decision-making processes.
• We believe in collaboration and mutual support.

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Monday - Sunday 9:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight
Closes on holidays declared by JGU
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O.P. Jindal Global University
Sonepat-Narela Road,
Sonepat, Haryana (India) - 131001

O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat-Narela Road, Sonepat, Haryana (India) - 131001

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