Books transfer to JGU City Centre Library RSS feed for public list Books transfer to JGU City Centre Library 21 debated--issues in world politics African women south of the Sahara Agendas, alternatives, and public policies by Kingdon, John W Ambiguity and choice in public policy by Zahariadis, Nikolaos America`s misunderstood welfare state by Marmor, Theodore R | Mashaw, Jerry L | Harvey, Philip Australia and India by Star, Shaun Banking law and practice by Varshney, P N Between two ages by Brzezinski, Zbigniew Bowett`s law of international institution by Sands, Philippe | Klein, Pierre Bowling alone by Putnam, Robert D Brownlie`s principles of public international law by Crawford, James Bureaucrats and policy making Business law by Singh, Avtar Business law for managers by Goel, P K Career in law by Arora, Manish Century of genocide Change the world without taking power by Holloway, John Choice and the politics of allocation by Apter, David E Civic culture by Almond, Gabriel A | Verba, Sidney Comparative politics by Theen, Rolf H. W Complete digest of supreme court cases by Malik,Surendera Conflict and defense by Boulding, Kenneth E Contemporary social theory by Elliott, Anthony Contentious marriages, eloping couples by Chowdhry, Prem Creation of the American Republic 1776-1787 by Wood, Gordon S. Crossing over the line by Langum, David J Culture & equality by Barry, Brian Current issues in public administration Democratic dilemma by Lupia, Arthur, Dependency and development in Latin America by Cardoso, Fernando Henrique | Faletto, Enzo Development projects observed by Hirschman, Albert O Dogmas and dreams Dynamics of the breakthrough in Eastern Europe by Staniszkis, Jadwiga Economic development by Todaro, Michael P | Smith, Stephen C Economics by Lipsey, Richard G | Chrystal, K. Alec Economics by Matthew, Bishop End of liberalism by Lowi, Theodore J End of poverty by Sachs, Jeffrey D Environmental law and policy in India by Divan, Shyam | Rosencranz, Armin. Evaluation by Rossi, Peter H | Lipsey, Mark W | Freeman, Howard E. Exploring and shaping international futures by Hughes, Barry | Hillebrand, Evan E Failure of capitalism by Posner, Richard A Family law by Diwan, Paras | Diwan, Peeyushi Feminist politics and human nature by Jaggar, Alison M For richer, for poorer by Frost, Ellen L Frames of war by Butler, Judith Fundamentals of futures and options markets by Hull, John C Gender trouble by Butler, Judith Gendering caste by Chakraborty, Uma Globalization and its discontents by Stiglitz, Joseph E Globalization paradox by Rodrik, Dani Government of Poland by Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Guerrilla marketing research by Kaden, Robert J. Handbook of research design and social measurement by Miller, Delbert Charles Human and economic geography by Leong, Goh Cheng | Morgan, Gillian C Human development in India by Desai, Sonalde B | Dubey, Amaresh | Joshi, Brij Lal Idea of history by Collingwood, R G Idea of justice by Sen, Amartya Ideals and ideologies of modern politics by Hagopian, Mark N Ideology and power in Soviet politics by Brzezinski, Zbigniew K Impact by Linsky, Martin In defense of legal positivism by Kramer, Matthew In defense of political philosophy by Reiman, Jeffrey H India public policy report 2014 by Malhotra, Rajeev India today by Corbridge, Stuart | Harriss, John | Jeffrey, Craig Inequality reexamined by Sen, Amartya Inquiry into the human prospect by Heilbroner, Robert L Intermediate microeconomics by Varian, Hal R International human rights and humanitarian law by Martin, Francisco Forrest | Schnably, Stephen J | Wilson, Richard J International law by Shaw, Malcolm N International law for international relations International organizations by Pease, Kelly-Kate S Into the unknown by Chambers, Roberts Introduction to global financial markets by Valdez, Stephen Introduction to social anthropology by Majumdar, Dhirendra Nath | Madan, T N Introductory econometrics by Wooldridge, Jeffrey M Irony of democracy by Dye, Thomas R Justice, gender and the family by Okin, Susan Moller Justice, judocracy and democracy in India by Ranjan, Sudhanshu Kashmir by Puri, Balraj Knowing our rights Labour and industrial laws by Misra, Surya Narayan Latin journey by Portes, Alejandro | Bach, Robert L Law of arbitration and conciliation by Singh, Avtar Law of partnership by Singh, Avtar Law of sale of goods by Singh, Avtar Legal method by McLeod, Ian Liberalism, fascism, or social democracy by Luebbert, Gregory M Lineages of the present by Ahmad, Aijaz Losing ground by Murray, Charles Macro-quantitative analysis by Gillespie, John V | Nesvold, Betty A Macroeconomics by Dornbusch, Rudiger | Fischer, Stanley | Startz, Richard Macroeconomics by D`Souza, Errol Macroeconomics by Froyen, Richard T Making democracy work by Putnam, Robert D Making health policy by Alaszewski, Andy | Brown, Patrick Management of financial services by Gopal, C Rama Mao`s people by Frolic, B Michael Marriage, love, caste, and kinship support by Grover, Shalini Mass media and American politics by Graber, Doris A Megaprojects and risk by Flyvbjerg, Bent Modern islamic political thought by Enayat, Hamid Morning after by Enloe, Cynthia H Mostly harmless econometrics by Angrist, Joshua David Myth of American individualism by Shain, Barry Alan Nation building New perspectives on American politics New political culture No-growth society Order without design by Feldman, Martha S Origins of terrorism Our moon has blood clots by Pandita, Rahul Oxford handbook of corporate social responsibility Patients and healers in the context of culture by Kleinman, Arthur Political culture and political development by Pye, Lucian W Political hinduism Politics and government by Graham, Lawrence S Politics and government by Dragnich, Alex N | Dorsey, John T | Tsurutani, Taketsugu Politics and public morality by Bryner, Gary C Politics and the social sciences Politics in Eastern Europe by Volgyes, Ivan Politics of bureaucracy by Peters, B Guy Politics of democratic Spain Poor economics by Banerjee, Abhijit V | Duflo, Esther Poverty of progressivism by Isaac, Jeffrey C Power and Marxist theory by Isaac, Jeffrey C Practitioners` book on trade finance President and congress by Spitzer, Robert J Principles of macroeconomics by Mankiw, N Gregory Prisoner`s dilemma by Rapoport, Anatol | Chammah, Albert M Public institutions in India Public opinion Public opinion and American democracy by Key, V O Public opinion and popular government by Weissberg, Robert Public policy Quantitative ecological analysis in the social sciences by Dogan, Mattei | Rokkan, Stein Queering bathrooms by Cavanagh, Sheila L. Reconstructing the nation in Africa by Amoah, Michael Regime legitimacy in contemporary China Rethinking the family Revolutions and revolutionary movements by DeFronzo, James Risking old age in America by Margolis, Richard J Rule of water by Mosse, David Security and development Social change in the capitalist world economy Social transformation of American medicine by Starr, Paul Socialization to politics Specter of genocide by Kiernan, Ben Stages of political development by Organski, A F K State power and social forces State versus ethnic claims Strategic corporate social responsibility by Werther, William B | Chandler, David Studies in item analysis and prediction Studies in power and class in Africa Supreme court decennial digest 1981-90 by Malik, Surendra Supreme court decennial digest 1981-90 V.5 Supreme court quinquennial digest 1996-2000 by Malik, Surender Supreme court yearly digest by Malik, Sumeet Taking sides Taking sides Technology and the future Terrorism in the twenty-first century by Combs, Cindy C Terrorism, risk and the global city by Coaffee, Jon Theories of comparative politics by Chilcote, Ronald H Theories of the policy process Third world politics by Clapham, Christopher Thunder on the right by Crawford, Alan Tipping point by Gladwell, Malcolm True and only heaven by Lasch, Christopher Unheavenly city the nature and future of our urban crisis by Banfield, Edward C Unobtrusive methods in social research by Lee, Raymond M V D Kulshrestha`s landmarks in Indian legal and constitutional history by Kulshreshtha, V D Vindication of the rights of woman by Wollstonecraft, Mary Voices of diversity by Andrews, Pat War, presidents and public opinion by Mueller, John E What is governing by Rose, Richard Why people don`t trust government Women in the face of change Women, politics, and American society by McGlen, Nancy E | O`Connor, Karen