Books on Criminology RSS feed for public list Books on Criminology Ashgate research companion to biosocial theories of crime Building modern criminology by Greenberg, David F Computer crime Contemporary critical criminology by DeKeseredy, Walter S Crime and crime control Crime and criminality by Hunter, Ronald D | Dantzker, Mark L Crime and risk by O`Malley, P Crime drop in America by Blumstein, Alfred | Wallman, Joel Crime types and criminals by Hagan, Frank E Criminals and their scientists Criminological theory by Tibbetts, Stephen G Criminological theory by Lilly, J Robert | Cullen, Francis T | Ball, Richard A Criminology by Carrabine, Eamonn Criminology Criminology by O`Brien, Martin | Yar, Majid Criminology by Walsh, Anthony Criminology by Newburn, Tim Criminology and archaeology Criminology and political theory by Amatrudo, Anthony Criminology civilisation and the new world order by Morrison, Wayne Criminology skills by Finch, Emily | Fafinski, Stefan Criminology, penology & victimology by Srivastava, Surendra Sahai Cultural criminology Cyber criminology Debates in criminal justice Eco crime and genetically modified food by Walters, Reece Eco-global crimes Feminism and criminology by Naffine, Ngaire Fifty key thinkers in criminology Forensic criminology by Petherick, Wayne A | Turvey, Brent E | Ferguson, Claire E Fundamentals of research in criminology and criminal justice by Bachman, Ronet | Schutt, Russell K Genocidal crimes by Alvarez, Alex Girls, women and crime Handbook on crime International criminology by Watts, Rob | Bessant, Judith | Hill, Richard Introduction to criminology by Walsh, Anthony | Hemmens, Craig Introduction to criminology by Hagan, Frank E Introduction to criminology by Hagan, Frank E Lectures on criminology & penology by Rao, Rega Surya Murder, gender and the media by Monckton Smith, Jane Origins of criminology Oxford handbook of criminology Policing and criminology by Paterson, Craig | Pollock, Ed Public criminology? by Loader, Ian | Sparks, Richard Public criminology? by Loader, Ian | Sparks, Richard Race and criminal justice Racial criminalization of migrants in the 21st century Shame management through reintegration by Ahmed, Eliza | Harris, Nathan | Braithwaite, John | Braithwaite, Valerie Today`s white-collar crime by Brightman, Hank J Transnational crime and policing by Sheptycki, James Understanding crime statistics Urban crime prevention, surveillance, and restorative justice Victimology by Daigle, Leah E White collar crime by Payne, Brian K Women and crime by Mallicoat, Stacy L