List of books on South East Asia RSS feed for public list List of books on South East Asia (Re)negotiating East and Southeast Asia by Ba, Alice D. A guide to upland cropping in Cambodia by Belfield, Stephanie. Adat law in Indonesia by Haar, Barend ter Autonomy and disintegration in Indonesia Basques in the Philippines by De Borja, Marciano R., Beyond democracy in Cambodia Brunei by Krausse, Sylvia C. Engelen. Burma or Myanmar? Cambodia by Arrowood, Janet. Cambodia by Jarvis, Helen. Cambodia reborn? by Curtis, Grant. Cambodia`s curse by Brinkley, Joel Cambodia`s neoliberal order by Springer, Simon Cambodia's economic transformation Cambodian by Haiman, John. Cambodian Buddhism by Harris, Ian Charles. Cambodian refugees in Ontario by McLellan, Janet, Cambodians and their doctors by Ovesen, Jan, Central authority and regional autonomy in Indonesia by Legge, J D Change in Myanmar Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea by Turcsanyi, Richard Q Chinese big business in Indonesia by Chua, Christian Collective violence in Indonesia Constitution of Malaysia by Harding, Andrew Criminal law in Malaysia and Singapore by Yeo, Stanley | Morgan, Neil | Chan, Wing Cheong Cultural diplomacy in South-East-Asia by Pandit, Santishree Dhulipudi | Basu, Rimli Democracy movement in Myanmar by Kipgen, Nehginpao Democratisation of Myanmar by Kipgen, Nehginpao Democratisation of Myanmar by Kipgen, Nehginpao Dispute settlement in the UN convention on the law of the sea by Klein, Natalie Dynamics of dissent in Indonesia by Bourchier, David Emerging Indonesia by Wilhelm, Donald Ending forced labour in Myanmar by Horsey, Richard English in Malaysia by Rahim, Hajar Abdul. Exchanging weapons for development in Cambodia by Mugumya, Geofrey. Eyewitness to Early Reform in Myanmar by Wilson, Trevor. Feminism and the women`s movement in Malaysia by Ng, Cecilia | Mohamad, Maznah | Hui, Tan Beng Ferdinand Marcos and the Philippines by Celoza, Albert F Financial fragility and instability in Indonesia by Matsumoto, Yasuyuki Formation of Malaysia by Hanna, Willard Anderson Gender And Islam In Southeast Asia : Global companion to South East Asian economy by Iqbal, Jaquir Governance in Indonesia In the Philippines and Okinawa by Triplet, William S., India-Myanmar relations by Bhatia, Rajiv K Indonesia by Higgins, Benjamin Howard | Higgins, Jean Indonesia by Brackman, Arnold C Indonesia's rise by Shekhar, Vibhanshu Indonesian politics under Suharto by Vatikiotis, Michael R J Indonesian-english dictionary by Echols, John M | Shadily, Hassan Insects of upland crops in Cambodia by Chanthy, Pol. International law of the sea by Sharma, O P Islam, law and equality in Indonesia by Bowen, John R Islamic banking & finance in South-East Asia by Venardos, Angelo M. Islamist threat in Southeast Asia by Sidel, John Thayer Kinship and food in South East Asia Land tenure and agrarian reform in East and Southeast Asia Law of the sea by Churchill, R R | Lowe, A V Law of the sea Liberation theology in the Philippines by Nadeau, Kathleen M., Line in the waters Malaysia in the world economy (1824-2011) by Tajuddin, Azlan Maritime issues in the South China sea Mining and natural hazard vulnerability in the Philippines by Holden, William N. Monarchy in South-East Asia by Kershaw, Roger. My Myanmar years by Malik, Preet Myanmar by Kipgen, Nehginpao Myanmar Myanmar`s foreign policy by Haacke, Jurgen Nationalism and revolution in Indonesia by Kahin, George McTurnan Perspectives on the South China sea Policy regimes and the political economy of poverty reduction in Malaysia Politics and the media in twenty-first century Indonesia Politics and the press in Indonesia by Romano, Angela Politics in Malaysia Politics of religion in Indonesia Popular culture and the state in East and Southeast Asia Power, resistance and women politicians in Cambodia by Lilja, Mona. Race and multiculturalism in Malaysia and Singapore Rebellion in Brunei by Harun Abdul Majid. Reconciling Indonesia Religion, politics and gender in Indonesia by Wichelen, Sonja van Renegotiating East and Southeast Asia by Ba, Alice D Republic of the Philippines and U.S. relations Resolution of international water disputes Rethinking South China sea disputes by Tseng, Hui-Yi Katherine Rice in South-East Asia by Piper, Jake Singapore and Malaysia by Platt, John Talbot. South China sea by Hayton, Bill South China sea dispute South China Sea disputes and law of the sea South-East Asia 1930-1970 by Von der Mehden, Fred R South-east Asia on business State in Myanmar by Taylor, Robert H State terrorism and political identity in Indonesia by Heryanto, Ariel The Chinese diaspora in South-East Asia by Barrett, Tracy C. The languages of East and Southeast Asia by Goddard, Cliff. The Malaysian Islamic Party PAS 1951-2013 : by Farish A. Noor The Philippines by Woods, Damon L. The sociology of Southeast Asia by King, Victor T. Tourism in Southeast Asia Violent conflicts in Indonesia Weeds of upland crops in Cambodia. by Martin, Robert. World Bank and the post-Washington consensus in Vietnam and Indonesia by Engel, Susan.